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Hagyo Distilling

"Pursuing quality, one drop at a time"


What We Do

Hagyo Distilling is your, one-stop shop, full service distillation solution provider. We source all raw materials and equipment from the European Union and fabricate and test to the highest level of engineering standards at our facility in Miskolc, Hungary. Click on the icons below to learn more about our equipment.


    We offer a range of automation options for mashing, fermenting, and distilling that allow you to run a safer and more efficient distillery.

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Build with passion

Believe in your Dream

At HAGYO we continuously look for ways to improve the distillation process. Our company holds 3 International and 12 European Union patents on proprietary distillation technology that is only available to our customers.

We are open minded, innovative professionals. Bring us your ideas and we will deliver you solutions.

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Don’t See What You Need?

We are master metal workers and handle a variety of custom fabrication projects. Bring us your needs and we’ll bring you solutions.

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