Professional Package

Professional Package

Our Professional Package comes in different sizes, provides distillers with our most innovative distillation system for both grain and non-grain distilling needs. This equipment alone holds over 15 unique patents and comes in six different sizes: 78 Gallons (300 Liters), 119 Gallons (450 Liters), 198 Gallons (750 Liters), 264 Gallons (1000 Liters), 396 Gallons (1500 Liters) and 528 Gallons (2000 Liters).

Our unique, 3-part, sectional reflux onion provides an enlarged copper surface and additional reflux time for alcohol vapours. The reflux column is a separate fixture that comes standard with 3 plates. Each plate has 4 bubble caps with a proprietary design that increases vapor turbulence and contact time; enhancing and purifying the distilled spirit to the greatest extent possible.

The still is modular and can be extended to include a vodka column, gin basket, and additional plates to fit your unique distilling needs.

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HAGYO Professional Package