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Hagyo Distilling is a family-owned business that was founded in 1999 by a winemaker wife and a distiller husband. Our company focuses on product-purity first and engineers customized beverage solutions around the product. We partnered with experts in distillery engineering and research labs at leading European universities to build our equipment lines. As a result, we have built a company that has innovation and forward-thinking embedded in everything we do. Hagyo Distilling is more than a manufacturer; we are your reliable, trusted, and innovative full-service beverage solutions partner.

  • Why Us

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    Quality & Reliability

    Our stills and other distilling equipment have outstanding up-time rates of 99%+; requiring only the exchange of spare parts. Hagyo Distilling is often called on to service or upgrade other manufacturers’ equipment

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    Service & Partnership

    Our equipment requires at most one maintenance visit by our trained professionals per every few years; under regular course of operation. This gives you peace of mind and ability to plan and keep to your production schedule

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    Speed & Accessibility

    Our current lead times are below 6 months from the signed purchase order. We are expanding our production facilities to continue to meet the increasing demands of the industry

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    Energy Efficiency

    Our steam-powered stills are 10-15% more energy efficient than the stills produced by other industry-leading European manufacturers. This means lower startup investment and operational costs for you, while taking better care of our environment

Don’t See What You Need?

We are master metal workers and handle a variety of custom fabrication projects. Bring us your needs and we’ll bring you solutions.

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